Legislative Report

Proudly Serving the residents of: Frankford, Juniata, Kensington, Castor Gardens, Harrowgate, Oxford Circle, Wissanoming, Feltonville Hunting Park, Fairhill, and Norris Square.

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  • Demolition Safety

    Bill No. 130691-A: This was part of a package of bills implementing recommendations of Council’s Special investigative Committee on Demolition Practices, which I serve on, requires demolition projects to submit to the Department of Licenses and Inspections a safety plan that accurately describes the condition of the property, details of the planned demolition including method to be used, a description of potential hazards, and details on how adjacent structures will be protected. The bill also requires projects to submit a demolition timeline, and requires L+I to inspect demolition sites at specific intervals over the course of the work being performed. Use of mechanical demolition equipment is also prohibited under this bill when adjoining properties are occupied.
    Passed On 2/19/2014

  • Executive Order 1-14: Protecting Immigrant Communities

    After years of advocacy, I stood side by side with community activists as Mayor Michael A. Nutter in April 2014 signed Executive Order 1-14, which ended the City’s collaboration with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Because of this, the City will no longer honor ICE detainer requests (commonly called ICE holds) unless an individual has been found guilty of a serious violent crime. This change will directly improve public safety all Philadelphia residents, by helping to end the widespread mistrust of the police department that has prevented immigrant crime victims and witnesses from seeking help from the police and justice through the courts.
    Passed in April 2014

  • Accessible Information

    Bill No. 140131: This bill requires City agencies to post all proposed and final regulations online. The City of Philadelphia has made great strides in recent years to make government more open and accessible, and in 2014 I continued this trend by passing Bill No. 140131. Philadelphians have a right to know about proposed regulations that could impact their lives or businesses, and putting the full text of all regulations online will make it easier for citizens to discover opportunities to provide input and access key public information.
    Passed On 5/19/2014

  • Business Tax Credit

    Bill No. 140411: Extended the deadline for enrolling in the Community Development Corporations (CDCs) Tax credit, helping ensure that business owners and the organizations they support have access to this important program. This allowed businesses to receive a tax credit of $85,000 per year against business income and receipts of tax liability for each year the business contributes $85,000 in cash to a Qualifying Organization.
    Passed On 8/5/2014

  • LOOP Extension

    Bill 140278: This bill ensures that as many homeowners as possible can enroll in these benefit programs. This provides a Deadline Extension for homeowners facing hardship who still need to apply for the LOOP, Deferral, and “Senior Freeze” programs. I also successfully obtained funding to do door-to-door outreach and assistance to homeowners.
    Passed On 8/5/2014

  • Diverse Hiring and Language Access

    Bill No. 140747: This bill allowed me to hold hearings on the City’s language access and diverse hiring policies to make sure that all Philadelphians can access important city jobs and services. This was the first hearing ever held on these topics in the City of Philadelphia. During my time in office, I have provided crucial leadership to make sure our City makes real progress on issues affecting minority and immigrant communities, and has fought for a bi-lingual and diverse municipal workforce by mandating bilingual employees in positions that work directly with the public.
    Passed On 3/10/2015

  • Affordable Water Bills

    Bill No. 140607: This bill comprehensively reformed our payment options for residential water customers who were struggling to afford their bills. In the past, there have been significant barriers to entry for those seeking water assistance, and bills had once been unaffordable. The legislation we passed creates a clear set of rules, with procedural protections, and would allow income-based payments that cover both current service and past-due balances. By providing both affordability as well as forgiveness of past debt after making several years of on-time payments, this new program will increase compliance and collection rates while protecting the human right to water service.
    Passed On 6/18/2015

  • Mayoral Appointment

    I was appointed by Mayor Nutter to serve on the Police oversight board to oversee the implementation of recommendations from a U.S. Justice Department report in order to advance efforts to create a more responsive, more ethical, more service oriented Police Department, a department whose members respect all Philadelphians and earn the public’s respect by virtue of their professionalism.

  • Continuing to Improve the 7th District

    I supported the rights of parents, teachers, and students to opt-out of standardized testing at Feltonville Arts and Sciences.
    “Over-reliance on standardized testing disproportionately harms our most vulnerable students”
    – Councilwoman Sanchez, January 22, 2015

  • I Commended the Proposed Investment in New Vacant Property Strategy for L&I

    As chair of L&I and a member of three special committees recently convened to reform L&I, I advocated to invest 5.5 million in new funds this year, rising to 10.8 million in FY 18 to identify and prioritize dangerous vacant properties in the city.

  • I Protested with SEIU, and Airport Baggage Handlers: Protesting Low Wages, and Unsafe Working Conditions

    “This particular international company wants to do work in Philly, but they skirt our law that clearly states they should be getting a living wage.”
    –Councilwoman Sanchez November 20, 2014

    ….AND WE WON!

    Starting July 1st all workers at the airport will receive a wage of at least $12 an hour!