Qualified, interested individuals are encouraged to apply to serve as members of the Board of Directors for the recently approved Philadelphia Public Financial Authority

The creation of the Philadelphia Public Financial Authority was approved by City Council vote in March 2022 with the goal of promoting community economic development.  The Authority will engage in activities directed toward improving the social and economic conditions of all Philadelphians, with a preferential directive to serve the financial needs of underserved residents, small businesses, and economically distressed areas.

Leadership Positions:

This application is for service on the Board of Directors. A later application will be publicized for service on the Policy Board. Philadelphia Public Financial Authority leadership will include:

  • A nine-member body appointed by the mayor:
  • The Investment and Lending Policy Advisory Board (“Policy Board”): A nine-member body designated by the Board of Directors; and
  • Executive Director: An individual hired by the Policy Board, subject to confirmation by the Board.
Nomination and Applications Process

Those interested in serving must complete this application, upload a resume and either one or two letters of reference. References should be from Philadelphia-based community groups substantially focused on one or more of the following advocacy areas:

  1. Environmental justice
  2. Racial justice
  3. Low-income housing
  4. Public education
  5. Public health
  6. Cooperative development
  7. Neighborhood-based small business development
  8. Gender justice
  9. Public transportation
How to apply

The application will be open Monday, May 9, 2022 through Thursday, June 30, 2022.  From among the candidates, City Council will send a list of recommended candidates to the mayor. The mayor will then make the final selections from that list.

Apply to join the Philadelphia Public Financial Authority Board of Directors by June 30!

If you need a paper application, please contact [email protected].