• Norris Square & Kensington South

    • Provided financial support to Cruz Recreation center to support daycare, after school and summer programs.
    • Supported the growth and creation of new green spaces-adopted the Norris Square Neighborhood Project La Parcelas and the renovation of their building in collaboration with World Changers leveraging volunteer and trades skills support.
    • Secured the investment of over $10 milllion from the Philadelphia Housing Authority to renovate their scattered sites and create new assisted living units at 3rd & Diamond Streets.
    • Secured the land and budget allocation for the construction of the new Kensington CAPA-Platinum Lead Certified Construction.
    • Secured multi-departmental financial investment at Shissler Playground, including a new field, water gardens, dog park and mural project.
    • Funded Improvements for gym and roof at Towey Playground.
    • Renamed Casiano Field -4th & Dauphin Street after fallen fire fighter and raised money for improvements to the field.
    • Helped drive PIDC industrial study to improve American Street development opportunities and support manufacturing in the district.
    • Provide annual financial support to Norris Square Senior Center for programs and services to the seniors.
    • Provided annual support to West Kensington Ministry to provide youth, arts and community programs.
    • Secured and supported $1.5 million in initial funding for affordable housing with WCRP/NSCA at Front & Norris Street location.
    • Secured and completed over $1 million investment in streetscape improvements from Kensington and Lehigh Ave through Susquehanna Avenue.
    • Supported Al- Aqsa Islamic Society expansion and community development at Germantown and Oxford Streets.
    • Piloted 26th Police District PSA/SMART community policing which led to massive clean-ups and community takeover of drug infested park 2300 N 5th Street. A new $200,000 redevelopment effort with APM and Norris Square Civic Association.
    • Secured state and city funding to create the 1st Festival Park with $500,000 at Fairhill Square Park at 4th and Lehigh Avenue.
    • Secured financial support and donations for back to school drive for over 300 kids every year with grassroots organizations like MIMIC, HUNE and Centro Musical.

  • Fairhill

    • Secured funding for clean- up and renovation of Ross Park at 10th and Glenwood Avenue.
    • Provided financial support to secure lot clean-up and acquisition at 9th & Indiana Street.
    • Supported Housing Trust funding for Evelyn Saunders Housing development at 9th and Indiana Avenue.
    • Provided over $300, 000 in Neighborhood Transformation funding for acquisition of land for Evelyn Saunders II project.
    • Supported parents to redefine and add financial support to Potter Thomas Elementary School conversion to Promise Academy which led to Eagles playground renovation and Target Library renovation.
    • Supported the redevelopment project for the old Edison which includes a Save-A-Lot, Bank and green space for community at 8th & Lehigh Avenues.
    • Provided financial support to Net CDC to support community and business organizing in Fairhill community.
    • Collaborated with Philabundance to bring a food cupboard to 6th and Lehigh Ave.
    • Secured additional funding for Centro de Oro 5M streetscape project and lead coordination with Verizon, Comcast and PECO to insure full renovation.
    • Leveraged city commitment of $1.5 million for Taller Puertorriqueno Project by securing two-$2.5 million dollar allocations by Governor Rendell for a total of nearly $7 million for the project.
    • Supported funding for program expansion at Library Lillian Marrero Branch at 6th and Lehigh Avenues.

  • Feltonville

    • Fought to keep Wyoming Library open and to maintain full service hours.
    • Collaborated with Feltonville School students and parents around public safety including adding the A and Courtland Streets stop sign.
    • Provided expanded financial support for the Feltonville Recreation Center. Shire Pharma donated $250,000, leveraged $325,000 to totally renovate the playground, basketball court and play area.
    • Provide annual support to the Advisory Council for after school and summer programming.
    • Works with block captains and committee people to provide snacks, games and supplies for their annual summer block parties and annual community festival.

  • West Kensington

    • Worked to re-establish McVeigh Advisory Council to clean up and improve programming at the center and secured funding for additional programming.
    • Secured $200,00 in additional funding K&A Business Assoc for façade and business improvements.
    • Provided funding and support for the development of the Keystone Mercy Life Center at Howard and Westmoreland Streets managed by HACE.
    • Secured $450,000 in State funding and allocated over $1 million to begin full renovation of the Mann Older Adult Center and the Rivera Recreation Center which will include a new spray park, new playground and redesigned ballpark.
    • Secured land and funding for HACE to construct the 50 new Lawrence Court homes at Lawrence and Westmoreland.
    • Supported Rebuilding Philadelphia’s renovation of neighborhood residents homes, including cool roofs, painting and lot maintenance across the streets from new Lawrence Court homes.
    • Supported Lighthouse main building renovation and secured over $15,000 in new program funding, including $5,000 from Coca Cola.
    • Supported parents through the Renaissance of Stetson Middle School to ASPIRA Charter School.
    • Secured $1 million in state funding for the expansion of St. Christopher’s Hospital emergency room.

  • Hunting Park

    • Contributed $200,000 to leverage over a $1million in investment to Hunting Park by the Fairmount Park Conservancy in a three year phase in full renovation.
    • Provides annual financial support to Ayuda Community Center for their summer and after school programs.
    • Supported the federal application of Esperanza Health Center for a $6 million dollar investment. This full healthcare facility will be located at 6th and Cayuga Sts
    • Providing funding for the formal establishment of the 5th Street North Commercial.
    • Collaborates with Cristo San Ambrosio located at 6th and Venango to provide annual LiHEAP and weatherization support to the congregation and residents of the area.
    • Provided financial support to Taylor Elementary School and has supported their class trips and activities.
    • Helped Hunting Park NAC become a formal Energy Assistance Center to provide LIHEAP and other housing support to their clients.

  • Rhawnhurst & Northeast Philadelphia

    • Led the budget fight in City Council to maintain and expand Community Life Improvement Program “CLIP” in the Northeast and throughout the district.
    • Played a crucial role in the completion of the 10 year delayed Pelbano Recreation Center.
    • Secured internet access for Pelbano computer center.
    • Completed Construction of the Northeast Older Adult Center.
    • Provided annual financial support to Rhawnhurst Senior group.
    • Provided annual financial support to the Rhawnhurst Athletic Association.
    • Maintained funding for Libraries to support the Bushrod and Cottman Libraries.
    • Supported the Bustleton Civic Association and STOPPED the NET Methodone Clinic from moving to the Northeast.
    • Provided annual financial support to 2nd and 7th Police District Advisory Council to secure bike patrols, equipment and support community outreach activities.
    • Provided annual financial support for annual Police Community Festivals.

  • Frankford Area

    • Helped establish the Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School.
    • Supported Renaissance School status to help Smedley Elementary.
    • Secured state financing for the expansion of Frankford Friends School.
    • Secured state financing for improvements to Overington Park.
    • Completed renovations of Gambrell gym and Spraypark.
    • Secured financing for Hedge Street and Meadow Park improvements.
    • Provided over $20,000 in financial support to Frankford Chargers.
    • Created Taskforce to monitor and improve established Recovery Houses.
    • Stopped city from approving any new Recovery Houses.
    • Supports Frankford Corridor improvements including new fronts, signage-giving the money directly to business owners.
    • Working to create a long-term Housing Neighborhood Plan.

  • Juniata Park

    • Helped secure funding and leveraged renovations of Scanlon Skating Rink and its adoption by the Ed Snider Foundation.
    • Supported Twin Homes Housing project by Impact Services.
    • Supported expansion of the Cancer Treatment Center Hospital creating new jobs.
    • Secured funding for Juniata Action Committee and for their new Welcome to Juanita Sign at Triangle on Castor and Cayuga Streets.
    • Secured private funding from local businesses for Juniata Lawn Makeover Contest.
    • Fought against and stopped the VisionQuest relocation to K Street and Erie Avenue.
    • Supported expansion of Community Academy Charter school and Fairhill Community School at K Street and Erie Avenue.
    • Provided support for community groups through zoning process to insure active community participation.

  • Economic Recovery and Development

    • Secured $5 million, in city, state and private funding for commercial corridor streetscape for Centro De Oro, Frankford, Kensington, Allegheny, and Lehigh Avenues.
    • Led business tax reform in City Council to help start-ups, small businesses and manufacturing to maintain and create jobs in our neighborhoods—the Nutter administration has agreed to implement a small business exemption and provide relief to manufacturing in this year’s annual budget and five year plan.

  • Crime and Public Safety

    • Piloted Public Service Areas “PSA” and SMART Policing Efforts, adding foot and bike patrols and equipment which have led to crime reductions throughout the district.
    • Provided financial support to the 2nd, 7th, 15th, 24th, 25th and 26th Police Districts Advisory Council to assist in the purchasing of patrol bikes, gun buy back and community outreach activities
    • Supported and collaborated with Kensington,HuntingParkand Frankford Stakeholder Groups to increase community involvement and grassroots neighborhood planning.

  • Education

    • The only Council district to successfully open to new public schools: Williard Elementary School, and The Kensington Creative and Performing Arts High School (CAPA) in West Kensington– a $75 million investment insuring land transfer and budget allocation.
    • Supported the proposal to created Sankofa Freedom Charter School, and helped locate them in the Frankford neighborhood.
    • Supported and helped secured state funding for the expansion of Frankford Friends on Orthodox Street.
    • Sponsored City Council hearings which led and secured funding and expansion opportunities for public charter schools.
    • Collaborated and Supported Renaissance and Promise Academies with the Philadelphia School District at Smedley and Potter Thomas Elementary Schools, and Stetson and Roberto Clemente Middle Schools.
    • Advocated and supported the renovation of old Fels Building for Carnell Elementary School to deal with overcrowding and provide additional support and resources.

  • Services

    • Led the budget fight in City Council to maintain and expand Community Life Improvement Program “CLIP” in the Northeast and throughout the district.
    • Led the budget fight in City Council to maintain funding for the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society for vacant land care and management which helps to keep our lots clean and free of illegal dumping.
    • Fought to maintain funding for community development to support our Community Development Corporation funding for housing counseling and home repair financial support.
    • Fought to maintain funding for the Housing Trust Fund to support the development of affordable housing.
    • Introduced and passed resolution to stop the Public Library closures.

  • Reforming City Hall

    • Spearheaded Freshmen “15” of city government reform efforts which included collection of old city debts—for taxes and liens, increase use of technology and increased city direct services.
    • Has been leading the fight to Improve Land Management and Disposition of vacant properties and land to responsible owners, including community development corporations, community land trust for affordable housing, agriculture opportunities, green space and side lots for residents.

  • Ethics

    • Led City Council ethics reform efforts which included lobbyist registration, increase campaign finance and management transparency.
    • Sponsored bill to ban elected officials from eligibility for the Deferred Retirement Opportunity Program (DROP).

  • Housing, Community and Business Development

    • Introduced legislation leading to the most transformational business tax reform, aimed at helping Philadelphia based manufacturers and small businesses, particularly in our commercial corridors, which will be initiated in this year’s city budget.
    • In collaboration with state officials and Governor Rendell, secured nearly $20 million in State funding for development for community institutions, schools, recreation centers and neighborhood health facilities, including expansion of emergency room at St. Christopher’s Hospital,
    • Frankford Friends Expansion, Taller Puertorriqueno, Congreso’s Training Centerand, and APM’s new headquarters.
    • Leveraged $5 Million in commercial corridor funding which leveraged another $5 Million in state and other funding for Centro de Oro.

  • Parks, Recreation and Community Activities

    • Provided nearly $1 Million dollars in Activities Fund grants to over 100 groups throughout the district.
    • Helped maintain Pennsylvania Horticultural Society funding for community land care and vacant land management.
    • Secured over $5 million in state and city funding to renovate over 12 facilities in the district:

      1. Pelbano Recreation Facility in Rhawnhurst after 10 year delay
      2. Northeast Adult Center in Rhawnhurst
      3. Gambrel Recreation Center in Frankford
      4. Feltonville Recreation Center
      5. Overington Park in Northwood/West Frankford
      6. Da Square and Hedge Park in East Frankford
      7. Fairhill Square park at 4th & Lehigh Avenue
      8. Nelson/Casiano Field at 4th & Dauphin Sts (Renaming after fallen Firefighter Casiano)
      9. Mann Older Center at 5th and Allegheny Avenue
      10. Rivera Recreation Center at 5th & Allegheny Ave
      11. Towey Playground in Norris Square
      12. Shissler Recreation Center in Fishtown
      13. The Square at 10th and Indiana Avenue
      14. Rainbow de Colores, 5th and York Streets
      15. Scanlon Ice Rink renovation and adoption by Ed Snider Foundation