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Quetcy M. Lozada was born and raised in the Hunting Park section of Philadelphia and is the proud mother of two amazing children Alexis Nicole and Jaime Jr. A life-long resident of the 7th District, including homes in Juniata Park and the St. Hugh’s community in Fairhill, Quetcy is currently residing in the Northwood section of the city. 

Before winning election to represent the 7th Council District in the Philadelphia City Council in November, 2022, Councilwoman Lozada most recently held the position of Vice President of Community Organizing and Engagement at Esperanza, an organization whose mission aligns with her passion of “serving the least of these”, where she was tasked with ensuring that community residents had access to resources related to improving their quality of life, education, and business opportunities. This passion for servant leadership was instilled in Ms. Lozada by her parents, Jose and Jovita, who have worked all of their lives to help provide spiritual and material support to their community. 

Prior to joining Esperanza, Quetcy served for over a decade as the Chief of Staff to 7th District Councilmember Maria Quiñones Sánchez before joining the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office as the Director of Community Engagement. In each of these roles. Quetcy M. Lozada strove to fulfill the needs of the community while living in the community. This need to get personally involved in assisting people with their problems continues to be a vital part of her work and was the motivation for Ms. Lozada to continue her journey in learning by earning a Masters in Business Administration in Human Resource Management from Lincoln University in 2019.   

Quetcy’s drive to help others is especially intense when she sees economic and social inequities occurring to people in marginalized communities. After witnessing the public health care community’s poor vaccination response to the needs of community residents during the COVID-19 pandemic, she led  public health strategy and education efforts within the community to get residents vaccinated. During  that community vaccination process, Ms. Lozada came across other needs within the community and immediately jumped to action.  Quetcy organized  monthly food distributions, LIHeap drives, and youth power talks giving younger community members the voice to be the change they wanted to see in their community.  

Ms. Lozada was recently sworn in to serve as a commissioner and secretary of Governor Tom Wolf’s Advisory Council on Latino Affairs and also serves as a commissioner on behalf of Governor Wolf on the Pennsylvania Election Law Advisory Board. She has served as a committee person in the 33rd Ward, where she has trained poll watchers to ensure fair and free elections.  She is a founding member and the chairwoman of the Latino Empowerment Alliance of Delaware Valley (LEAD) and has received many awards for her work serving the residents of North Philadelphia including Phenomenal Woman, Most Influential Latino, MLK Community Service, and Councilmember Katherine Gilmore Richardson’s Legends award to name a few.  

Councilwoman Lozada’s electoral experience spans both local and statewide offices, ensuring that those seeking office do not overlook the community that she and her family live in. Her legacy is one built on advocacy and organizing. Her values are rooted in ensuring that the people who are elected to office are committed to being good stewards of people and the communities that they pledge to serve.  

Quetcy has played and continues to play an integral role in fostering and creating platforms for conversations between the community, clergy, law enforcement, and government to cultivate policies and private public partnerships. Through these diverse partnerships, Quetcy has organized hundreds of community clean-ups that have resulted in cleaner, safer neighborhoods, and created community policies to address long term quality of life concerns. Her body of work representing the interests of the residents of the 7th District will continue at an even higher level now that she has the privilege and the honor of representing the people of the 7th District.