• Lower Taxes and Affordable Neighborhoods

    Councilman Johnson is dedicated to making sure that all residents can live comfortably in their homes. Once AVI passed, the Councilman worked on the Longtime Owner Occupancy Program to ensure that residents are not priced out of their homes. He has continued his work by expanding the LOOP program to those who received abatements and equitable ownership of their property.

    Development of a neighborhood is better than decline only when it is done in a manner that minimizes involuntary displacement of vulnerable populations like low-income households, and the elderly.

    Councilman Johnson works to promote smart development in my District. This means creating affordable, workforce, and market rate housing. Creating neighborhoods which are safe, clean and provide quality education is a paramount goal of mine.

    But in addition, as neighborhoods such as Point Breeze progress, Councilman Johnson seeks to make sure it stays viable for everyone, regardless of their financial background. We must build bridges between old residents and new residents because a diverse community is a strong community.

  • Gun Violence Preventions

    Councilman Johnson has worked to prevent gun violence in his community since long before he was an elected official. After experiencing the murder of his cousin, Johnson began grassroots community efforts to combat gun violence in his community. In his short time in Council, Councilman Johnson has outlawed the sale of 3D Printer Guns and realistic toy guns. He has also increased the fine and raised awareness about the dangers of BB Guns being sold to children in our neighborhoods.

  • Advocate for Education

    Education is key to the development and success of all Philadelphia youth. Councilman Johnson has repeatedly advocated on behalf of Philadelphia students and parents in Harrisburg for proper school funding. He is a major proponent of a fair funding formula to ensure Philadelphia gets its fair share of school funding.

    In Philadelphia, the Councilman successfully fought the closing high-performing E.M. Stanton. He also works closely to develop and aid “Friends Of” groups so that the community which surrounds our neighborhood schools is invested in their success. Specifically, in response to student violence against teachers at John Bartram High School in Southwest Philadelphia, the Councilman has worked to get parents, teachers and community members involved in programs and initiatives to change the climate of Bartram.

  • $3M in Park Funding

    Everyone deserves a safe, clean and beautiful place to play in their community. In his short time in office, Councilman Johnson has invested over $3,000,000 in funding to provide improvements and renovations to park infrastructure, security, fencing.

Improvement Dollar Amount Notes
James Finnegan Playground $250,000 Lights, roof exterior, exterior doors and window replacement, remote basketball court
Girard Park $200,000 New benches, walkways, and lighting
Guerin Recreation Center $15,000 Replacement of bocce ball court floor
Vare Recreation Center $31,295 Boiler Replacement
Marion Anderson/FDR Park-Improvements/Renovations $400,000 Locker room, office, extension to the recreation center
McCreesh Playground Skatepark Funding $75,000 Development of a skatepark
Markward Playground at Schuykill River Park $150,000 Site analysis, programming, design development
Ralph Brooks Tot Lot $85,000 Repaving of basketball court, Installation of new backboards, safety matting
Lanier Playground $500,000 Green infrastructure, storm water management systems, installation of playground equipment
Wharton Square Playground $225,479 Site Prep Work, Removal of existing play equipment
Barry Recreation Center $200,000 Complete renovation of the existing building, including a new HVAC unit
Chew Playground $80,000 Renovations to one full basketball court and two half courts
Eastwick Park Playground $165,000 Renovations to two full basketball courts and four half courts
Connell Park $70,000 Renovations to one full basketball court, including the purchase of two standards
McCreesh Playground $175,000 Renovations to two full basketball courts, purchase/installation of four standards, and asphalt work
Fitler Square $71,000 Renovations of the East and West Gardens, replacements of 14 metal benches
Carousel House $20,000 Paving of parking and driving areas
Security Cameras for 2nd District $121,700 $121,700 per year for 3 yrs. Installation of security cameras
Mann Center for the Performing Arts $50,000 Expansion of North Georges Hill fence line, Video display installation
Myers Recreation Center $65,000 Renovations to two full basketball courts, fencing, bleachers
Myers Recreation Center $16,500 Floor Replacement: Replacement of dance floor Health center completely renov by P &R
Finnegan Playground $30,000 Renovations to two basketball courts, including a sealcoat and colorcoat
Smith Playground $70,000 Renovations to one full basketball court, including the purchase/installation of two standards