Staff Member Name Staff Member Title
Wendy Prescott-Tate Chief Operating Officer
Donna Cisowski Special Executive Assistant
Jenaye Munford Project Manager
Mary Ellen Milovsky Director of Administrative Services
Joe Grace Director of Communications
Virgina Follino Director of Human Resources
Robert McDermott Chief Financial Officer
Michael Koonce Director of Special Projects
Herbert E. Wetzel Exec. Director of Housing and Community Development
Hal Fichandler, Esq. Senior Legislative Advisor
John Christmas, Esq. Senior Legislative Counsel
Mary McDaniel, Esq. Chief Ethics Officer
Jessica Sánchez, Esq. Staff Attorney
Chris Goy Director of Policy
Patricia A. Gillett Deputy Communications Director
Khara Garcia Graphic Designer
Jared Piper Council Photographer/Media Aide
Chanell Johnson Social Media Coordinator
Ami Patel Deputy Chief Financial Officer
Greg Kingery GIS Analyst
Colia Adams-Broaddus Administrative Assistant
Rae Maria Smith Administrative Aide
Michelle Hasson Receptionist
John Fenton Administrative Assistant
Jaclyn Synnamon Administrative Assistant
David Oates Asst. Administrative Services Coordinator
Keith Harris Sergeant-at-Arms
Leslie Lopez Asst. Sergeant-at-Arms
Matthew Little Asst. Sergeant-at-Arms

Last updated: May 11, 2021 @ 12:11 pm