Executive Office  
Wendy Prescott-Tate Chief Operating Officer  
Jaclyn Synnamon Executive Assistant  
Jenaye Munford Director of Neighborhood Preservation Initiative  
Ashley Gilmore Special Projects Liaison  
Michael Koonce Director of Special Projects  
Joe Grace Director of Communications  
Khara Garcia Creative Services Director  
Jared Piper Council Photographer/Media Assistant  
Drew Lackman 
Graphic Designer  
Technical Staff  
John Christmas, Esq. Chief Legislative Counsel  
Jessica Sánchez, Esq. Senior Legislative Counsel & Chief Ethics Officer  
Nicholas Sanelli Staff Attorney  
Robert McDermott Chief Financial Officer  
Ami Patel Deputy Chief Financial Officer  
Greg Kingery Director of GIS and IT Sys.  
Colia Adams-Broaddus Administrative Assistant  
Lois Kang    
Donald Tippett    
Chief Clerk’s Office  
Michael Decker Chief Clerk  
Bonita Cummings Assistant Legistar Systems Administrator  
Liz MCollum-Nazario Administrative Assistant  
Jerome Pettigrew Administrative Assistant  
Julia O’Connell Administrative Assistant  
Office of Veterans Affairs  
Wanda Pate Veterans Affairs Manager  
Constance Woods
Veterans Affairs Coordinator
Bryan Carter
Staff Assistant
Victoria Lyga
Staff Assistant

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