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PHILADELPHIA—Today, City Councilmember Helen Gym (At-Large), who has pushed for civic institutions to make Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILOTs) alongside advocates for years, released the following statement about the University of Pennsylvania’s agreement to pay $100 million in PILOTS over 10 years to the School District of Philadelphia:
“This is a long overdue and important step forward for the City and School District. I commend the University of Pennsylvania for taking this important first step and targeting its investment into the physical condition of our schools. They answer a call championed by organizers, activists, faculty and student body members for years.
“This money will be used to address the most urgent crisis of our time, the health and safety of thousands of school children, by helping our school district remediate lead, mold, asbestos and other toxins. Together with our civic institutions, we can build a new model for equitable partnership with local government, and a new infrastructure that not only protects our children, but shows them that they are loved and valued as every child should be.
“I call on other major institutions in our city to follow Penn’s lead and to pay a fair share investment in addressing the shameful school funding crisis. Investing in our public schools is a lasting investment in our future.”
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