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Philadelphia, Feb. 23, 2017 – City Council President Darrell L. Clarke (5th District) and Councilman Derek Green (At Large) on Thursday introduced a resolution authorizing the creation of a Special Committee on Regulatory Review and Reform that will be tasked with streamlining the City’s regulatory environment.

The Special Committee will review and analyze The Philadelphia Code; identify archaic, superfluous and confusing provisions and departmental regulations; and recommend legislative actions to enhance clarity and efficiency for businesses and institutions while ensuring the safety and well-being of residents.

Council President Clarke: “With parts of the City’s 2,016-page Code dating back to 1951, when the Home Rule Charter was adopted, periodic review of ordinances and regulations is simply good governance. We share the concerns of the business community that the City’s regulatory environment can be complicated, confusing, and even counterproductive at times. I invite Philadelphia businesses to be our partners in this endeavor, and to work with City Council to clean up The Philadelphia Code to further our shared goals of more family-sustaining jobs and strong local economies in each and every neighborhood.”

Councilman Green, a former small business owner, added: “Considering the level of poverty in our City, I am a strong supporter of entrepreneurship as a way to address this issue. In this regard, I applaud Council President Clarke in leading this effort to reduce the regulations that limit the growth of small businesses in Philadelphia. Further, I am honored to support the creation of this Special Committee and to join the Council President in this work to grow well-paying jobs in our City.”

In addition to the Code, City departments have adopted thousands of pages of regulations, some decades old, covering residents and businesses. There is no formal or required comprehensive review process for departmental regulations, and review policies vary from Administration to Administration.

“Small businesses are the backbone of Philadelphia’s economy,” Council President Clarke continued. “We owe them clarity and efficiency in government. The time is right to take stock of our regulatory environment and to determine what works, what should be eliminated, and what should be improved and expanded. I look forward to working with my Council colleagues, area businesses, and the Administration in support of the Special Committee on Regulatory Review and Reform.”

Upon adoption of the resolution authorizing the Special Committee, Council President Clarke will appoint members and announce a schedule of hearings.

The resolution: Resolution to Authorize Creation of Special Committee Regulatory Reform.

Video from the Stated Meeting of Philadelphia City Council held February 23, 2017:


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Council President Darrell L. Clarke is serving his second term as the President of Philadelphia City Council. He represents Philadelphia’s 5th Council District. More information at

Councilman Derek S. Green, Esquire is currently serving his first term as an At-Large member of Philadelphia City Council.  Green is Chair of Council’s Committee on the Disabled and Persons with Special Needs. More information at

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