Councilmembers Reynolds Brown and Greenlee Introduce Transit-Oriented Development Ordinance

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(PHILADELPHIA) February 23, 2017 – Today, Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, Chair of City Council’s Committee on the Environment and Councilman William Greenlee introduced an Ordinance to amend Philadelphia’s Transit-Oriented Development Overlay District.   This ordinance sets forth the framework and refines the mechanisms to incentivize future development along our City’s major public transportation corridors.

Transit-Oriented Development (“TOD”) is a municipal strategy that incentivizes development along a City’s existing public transportation infrastructure.  The benefits of TODs can include improved public health, increased public transportation ridership, reduced vehicle congestion, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and stronger local economies.

“For every Philadelphian who chooses public transportation over a motor vehicle; 4.7 metric tons of carbon can be removed from the air each year,” said Councilwoman Reynolds Brown.  “Furthermore, Philadelphians who choose public transportation can save an estimated $10,000 every year.  This is a win-win for both the environment and our wallets.”

“I look forward to working with the Administration, Councilman Greenlee, and in particular the public and our District Councilmember colleagues to identify transit stations along our corridors to spearhead this initiative,” added Councilwoman Reynolds Brown.

“Enhanced zoning relating to public transportation will provide better access and convenience for the public and add greater diversity to neighborhoods around our city,” said Councilman Greenlee.

Transit-Oriented Development has been successfully implemented in Austin, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; Arlington, Virginia; and the State of New Jersey among many others.

This ordinance is in line with other environmental legislation Councilwoman Reynolds Brown has introduced such as Energy Benchmarking, Green Roof Tax Credits, Green Roof Density Bonus, Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, and Bike Share.  For additional information please contact Communications Manager Haniyyah Sharpe-Brown at 215-686-3438 or 267-324-8839.


Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown has passed meaningful legislation and supported valuable community programming that positively impacts her core issues:  children and youth, women, education, small business development, arts and culture and the environment and sustainability. More news at, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @CouncilwomanBRB!

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