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(PHILADELPHIA, PA) Tuesday, June 25, 2013 – The City of Philadelphia has just allocated $500,000 to the Office of Housing and Community Development to expand quality early childhood education in Philadelphia through a Facilities Fund. This marks the first time that money has come directly from the General Fund to support early childhood education.  In response to the Philadelphia School District’s plan to transfer 2,000 Head Start seats to community child care programs, this investment—along with a $500,000 match from the William Penn Foundation—will help programs to prepare new classrooms and to ensure teachers have the proper credentials to meet high quality standards.  The funding was championed by Councilmembers Blondell Reynolds Brown, Maria Quiñones-Sánchez and Jannie L. Blackwell.  At a press conference, all three Councilwomen attended to speak about the value of quality early childhood education.  Citing a Center for American Progress Study, Councilwoman Reynolds Brown said, “Early childhood is the single most significant period of development for children—90 percent of a child’s brain growth occurs between birth and the age of three. Furthermore, studies show that society receives a seven dollar return on investment for every dollar spent on early childhood education.  This data compelled us to work together, take action and make the critical funding request.”

For additional information please contact the Chief of Staff, David Forde at (215) 686-3438

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