What To Bring

All visitors must use the Northeast entrance of City Hall and present valid photo identification (driver’s license, state  identification card, etc.) to security in order to receive a visitor’s badge.

Cell phones are permitted but visitors will be asked to silence them while in Council Chambers and to leave Chambers to conduct any phone conversations. We also ask that you limit flash photography.

What NOT to Bring

Upon receiving a visitor’s pass, visitors to City Council will proceed to the fourth floor where they will be subject to a security check. To expedite this process for all, visitors are strongly urged to limit the  number of bags (such as backpacks, totes, etc.)  they bring with them. Space is limited in Council Chambers and there is no additional space for storage. The following items are prohibited from Council Chambers:

  • Weapons of any kind (guns, batons, sticks, knives,  or other cutting tools, etc.);
  • “Selfie” sticks;
  • Food or drinks;
  • Large banners; (Small, handheld signs not mounted on sticks or poles are permitted.)
  • Mega-phones, bullhorns, whistles or other devices designed to emit loud noises that may be distracting to other attendees.
  • Laser pointers, flashlights, or other devices designed to emit lights that may be distracting to other attendees.

When To Arrive

Visitors to City Council are asked to arrive no more than one hour before the posted start time of a meeting or hearing. Times are posted on our Legislative Calendar and updated daily. Please note that due to limited space, reserving of standard seats is not permitted.

Special Requests

If you require interpreter services, please email a request no less than 3 business days before the date of the hearing/meeting you plan to attend.
Those with limited mobility or disabilities may reserve seating. Please email a request no less than 3 business days before the date of the hearing/meeting you plan to attend or call 215-686-1919. Requests for this seating will be honored in the order they are received.

Notice of Broadcast/Streaming

All Philadelphia City Council meetings and hearings are broadcast live on the City’s Cable Access Channel (Comcast Channel 64/Fios Channel 40) and Internet live-stream. Visitors should be aware that there are cameras located throughout Council Chambers to facilitate this broadcast.


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For Teachers:

Teachers and students are encouraged to attend meetings of City Council to learn about the legislative process and become more engaged with the local government. To ensure that we have space to accommodate these classes, we ask teachers to contact us by email at least one week before the meeting/hearing you wish to attend. Please include:

  • Your school name and location (so we can connect you with your District Council member);
  • The number of students you wish to bring and their grade level;
  • Any special accommodations that may be required for students, teachers or chaperones.

Preparing Your Class for Your Visit

To help prepare your class for their visit to City Hall, we’ve asked a certified teacher from our community to prepare a sample pre-visit lesson plan. This plan will help your students understand how Philadelphia city government works and what role City Council plays.

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