Fair Funding Sing-In and Vigil Highlights

In Helen Gym by Helen Gym

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Councilmember Gym speaks at press conference following Fair Funding hearing.

Councilmember Helen Gym speaking at press conference with Fair Funding plaintiffs, legal advocates, and civil rights leaders

PHILADELPHIA–On September 12 and 13, City Hall swelled with Fair Funding supporters who came to show the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and Harrisburg leaders that the people of this state are watching and that we haven’t forgotten the promise of a public education system that works for all of us.

In court, the state argued that education is a privilege, not a right, and that the state’s sole responsibility to our schools is to keep the doors open and the lights on. Nothing more.

“After decades of failure from Harrisburg to fix our state’s public education funding system – the most inequitable in the nation – now is the time for our courts to step in and move our commonwealth toward justice,” said Councilmember Helen Gym. “This journey started with students, parents, educators, and community members coming together to fight for a public education system that actually serves all communities. Through working and marching together toward a vision of public schools that serve students and unite diverse communities in vibrant public spaces, we’re changing the narrative–and agenda–on public education. ”

Penn Wood Marching Band Fair Funding Sing-In GAMP Concert Choir performs at the Sing-In for Schools.
AKA Step Team Performs at Sing-In for Schools Councilmember Gym speaks at the Sing-In for Schools at Dilworth Park


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