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Philadelphia, PA – September 26, 2017 – Councilman Allan Domb (At Large) donated $25,000 to Jefferson Health’s Maternal Addiction Treatment Education & Research Center on Wednesday. The MATER Center just opened a new facility called My Sister’s Place at 1239 Spring Garden Street.

In addition to medical resources, the MATER program and My Sister’s Place, provide opioid-addicted mothers with the tools to become successful parents through individual and group therapy, career and professionalism counseling and assistance with job placement.

The donation will go toward the MATER Center and My Sister’s Place Mindfulness Based Parenting programs.

“With opioid addiction on the rise, the programs that provide care for the most vulnerable among us are more crucial than ever,” Councilman Domb said. “Programs like MATER have the power to break the cycle of addiction and poverty.”

“We all have friends, family or loved ones whose lives have been touched by addiction,” Councilman Domb said before presenting a check to Dr. Stephen Klasko, President and CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health.

Councilman Allan Domb with Dr. Stephen Klasko, President and CEO of Jefferson Health.

The MATER program at Thomas Jefferson University started in the early 1970s and has become a national model for the treatment of opioid-addicted mothers, who are usually referred to the program during pregnancy.

“I’m a numbers guy. And some of the numbers are very depressing,” Domb said. “Philadelphia has the highest infant mortality rate of the 11 largest U.S. counties. We also have the highest prevalence of low birth weight babies. Most disturbing, 15.5% of births in Philadelphia are to women who either received no pre-natal care or had it only in the last trimester.”

But Domb added there are some good numbers too. “83% of women who are discharged from the MATER program after completing treatment are not re-enrolled in a recovery program. I know that My Sister’s Place will lead MATER to even more success,” Councilman Domb said.

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Allan Domb began serving as a Philadelphia City Council At-Large member in January 2016.  As a Councilman and a proud Philadelphian, Councilman Domb is committed to lowering the poverty rate, collecting delinquent taxes owed to the city, increasing graduation rates, and promoting job growth through the retention of existing business and creation of new businesses by further attracting millennials in the tech and manufacturing industries to Philadelphia.

Photo: Jefferson Health

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