Councilmember Derek Green speaks at council session


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Philadelphia, October 20, 2016 – In order to prepare for the new state law that allows medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, Councilman Derek S. Green  (At Large) will introduce a bill updating City’s zoning code to allow for medical marijuana growers/processors and dispensaries. This bill is being co-sponsored by Councilman Bobby Henon (6th District).

The Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Act allows for people suffering from ALS, Autism, Cancer, Epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, PTSD, and other conditions to use, with a physician’s recommendation, marijuana in the form of pills, oils, topicals, tinctures, vapors, or liquids. Under the Act, it is unlawful to grow medical marijuana, except by a state approved grower/processor, to smoke marijuana, or for dispensaries to sell medical marijuana products in an edible form. However, patients may incorporate medical marijuana products into food to aid digestion.

On September 8th, Councilman Green held hearings in the Public Health and Human Services Committee to discuss the impact of the PA Medical Marijuana Act on Philadelphia. Following these hearings, this bill was drafted to allow medical marijuana growers/processors to operate in light, medium, or heavy industrial districts in the City. Additionally, medical marijuana dispensaries will be allowed in some commercial districts as long as they are 500 feet away from protected uses and 1,000 feet away from regulated uses.

Read Councilman Green’s bill.

Councilman Derek S. Green, Esquire is currently serving his first term as an At Large member of Philadelphia City Council. Green is Chair of Council’s Committee on the Disabled and Persons with Special Needs. More information at

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