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(PHILADELPHIA) October 5, 2017 – Today, Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr. (4th District) introduced an ordinance amending the “Unfair Rental Practices” law to require good cause for certain residential evictions and to provide for a first option for existing tenants to renew a lease.

The legislation, co-sponsored by Council members Cherelle Parker (9th District) and Helen Gym (At Large), will require a landlord to take additional steps prior to evicting a residential tenant upon the expiration of a lease, and requires a landlord to provide an existing tenant with the right of first option to renew a lease, even if the rent will be increased due to significant upgrades or renovations to the building. This legislation will also increase the oversight of the Fair Housing Commission.

“In cities like Seattle and Oakland increased inner city land values are causing mass removal of long term residents who are in good standing to be uprooted as tenants in rental properties,” said Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr.

“To truly address the eviction crisis, we must finally recognize housing as a human right,” said Councilwoman Helen Gym.  “With new funding for legal support for renters, a citywide anti-eviction task force, and now this important legislation, we are at the forefront of a national movement to protect and support low-income people in their fight to establish the right to safe and stable housing.”

“I commend my colleague Councilman Jones for this legislation, which aims to support renters in the City. As Councilwoman of the 9th District, a district which is almost entirely composed of middle neighborhoods, I support any legislation that assists homeowners and long-term renters in these middle neighborhoods,” Councilwoman Parker said.
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Currently in his third term, Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr. is the Chairman of the Committees on Public Safety, Commerce & Economic Development and Vice Chair for Parks & Recreation & Cultural Affairs. Read more at

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