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Last year, Council President Darrell Clarke (5th District) and the Energy Coordinating Agency of Philadelphia celebrated the progress of EnergyFit renovations to homes on the 1200 block of Seltzer Street in North Philadelphia, winners of the agency’s “Coolest Block” contest.

This week, Clarke returned to Seltzer Street to check on the progress made by the ECA and dozens of volunteers from the Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association (RCMA) in applying reflective cool coatings to 18 of the block’s homes.

From the ECA:

Under a blazing hot sun and high humidity, volunteers climbed up 32-foot ladders to apply reflective cool roof coatings under the guidance and support of ECA’s expert staff and contractors. Working on houses on both sides of the street, every roof received the first coating in less than three hours.

Cooling down with water ice and water, volunteers listened to remarks by City Council President Darrell Clarke – who thanked each volunteer personally – while acknowledging the good work by ECA and noting how energy conservation helps residents save money. The Director of Sustainability, Christine Knapp, drew attention to our prolonged heat wave and focused on the value of cool roof coatings to reduce air conditioning use. Finally, Darlene Pope, “the city’s best block captain,” gave the final remarks of the day. Gracious and thankful, and a powerful advocate for clean energy, Darlene thanked the volunteers from RCMA for helping to make this day possible.

Council President Clarke, who earlier this year introduced legislation to restore funding to depleted housing preservation programs, praised the ECA and the their volunteers for helping to improving the efficiency and value of Philadelphia’s existing housing stock, which raises property values, lowers energy bills and makes home-ownership more affordable for long-time residents.

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