Appropriations Committee Hearing on $50 Million Transfer to Philadelphia Public Schools

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Oct. 3, 2013 – City Council’s Committee on Appropriations heard testimony from the Nutter Administration, real estate experts and developers on Council’s proposal to give the School District of Philadelphia $50 million in exchange for vacant surplus properties which would then by sold by the City’s real estate arm, PAID. The Appropriations Committee unanimously approved the bill.

City Council Committee on Appropriations: Goode (Chair); Jones (Vice-Chair); Blackwell; Henon; Green; O’Neill; Quinones-Sanchez

Testifying Witnesses on Appropriations Ordinance : Rob Dubow, Director of Finance; Allan Domb, Greater Philadelphia Association of REALTORS; Kevin Gillen, Real Estate Professional; Walter Spencer, Property Assessment and Valuation Professional; Victor Pinckney, HAPCO; Leo Adamondo, Alterra Property Group; David Killian

Link to CBS News Story:

Map of Available School District Buildings (Courtesy of Allan Domb, Greater Philadelphia Association of REALTORS)

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