Councilmember Derek Green speaking at the podium during a council session with Commerce Director Harold T. Epps and the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia CEO Rob Wonderling looking on.


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PHILADELPHIA, September 12, 2018 – Just as City Council prepares to begin its fall session, members of the City’s Special Committee on Regulatory Review and Reform addressed the media this morning, ahead of their Quarterly Meeting – about the latest policy and legislative improvements outlined in their 2018 Progress Report, to streamline business practices and foster economic growth in Philadelphia.

Since its inception by Council President Darrell L. Clarke (5th District) in Spring 2017, the Committee – co-chaired by Councilmember Derek S. Green (At-Large), Commerce Director Harold T. Epps and the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia CEO Rob Wonderling – has already achieved great success in its mission to make our City more appealing to those looking to lay the foundations for their entrepreneurial ventures here.

“To ensure future prosperity and opportunity for the citizens of our City, we must take a thorough look at Philadelphia’s present economic climate and existing obstacles that only perpetuate stagnation and poverty,” said Councilmember Green. “I’m proud to be working alongside my Council colleagues, as well as with a number of talented industry experts and stakeholders, to help get rid of decades of red tape and bring Philadelphia into the 21st century.”


Per the Special Committee’s recommendation, City Council has repealed a total of 16 provisions from the Philadelphia Code since December 2017, with additional regulations pending.

“When I was asked to co-chair the Special Committee on Regulatory Review and Reform, I was excited to see Philadelphia embracing the idea of increased collaboration between local government and the business community,” said Commerce Director Harold T. Epps. “As we strive to make this city a better place to do business, it is imperative that we consult the industry leaders who are already operating here. I am pleased by the progress that has been made so far, and I look forward to continuing the work of the Special Committee to address additional challenges that the group has identified.”

Several short-term and long-term challenges identified by six subcommittees – child care, construction and real estate, food and hospitality, manufacturing, small businesses and tech and startups – were also recommended and will be a priority for the Special Committee members moving forward. These include, but are not limited to: streamlining processes for opening a business, simplifying language and ensuring consistency across existing laws/regulations, and increasing transparency around legislative changes.

“We must remain committed to improving how government agencies will work in collaboration with businesses and stand firm in our commitment to removing regulations and improving processes in order to take steps to grow our economy, expand the tax base, create jobs and increase wages,” said Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia CEO Rob Wonderling.

The Special Committee on Regulatory Review and Reform 2018 Progress Report can be viewed online on Council’s website.

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