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Looking back on Philadelphia City Council’s work and accomplishments from May 2016:

Legislative Efforts

Philadelphia City Council’s legislative efforts from May included:

In the Community

  • Councilwoman Helen Gym (At Large), Councilman Allan Domb (At Large) and School Reform Commission Chair Majorie Neff led a round-table discussion with School District of Philadelphia students from all over the city at City Hall on May 11, 2016. The students listed the problems that years of budget cuts and under-staffing have wrought on city schools: out of date technology and textbooks, closed school libraries,  cuts to art, music and extracurricular programs, fewer counselors and nurses, increases in violence and limited access safe drinking water. | More information in the Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Also in May, Councilwoman Gym led students from Solomon Elementary School in  a march around City Hall against gun violence. After the march, the students met with Gym and Councilman Kenyatta Johnson (2nd District) in the Caucus Room to share personal stories about how gun violence has touched their lives.
  • Councilman Allan Domb began to make good on his campaign pledge to donate his entire council salary to Philadelphia schools. Domb held a conference at City Hall on May 18, 2016 during which he presented the first $2,500 checks to Harding Middle School, Webster Elementary School and Lewis Elkin Elementary School. Domb said that the donations to individual schools will continue through the year until he has donated his entire salary.

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