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Council President Darrell Clarke: “Inside PHL Council is communicating Council’s work directly to our constituents”

Philadelphia, October 8, 2019 – A City Council member, explaining how her first contact with Council, as a young journalist covering a female candidate, led her to work in Council as a staffer and ultimately to her own election to Council. “Marian Tasco said, ‘You have so many opinions – why don’t you come work for me?’ So, I did.”

Another Council member, explaining how he juggles his demanding city job with his spouse’s own senior-level city position: “A lot of early-morning Starbucks strategy sessions.”

The President of Council, talking about Council’s ambitious plan to reduce poverty in Philadelphia by 100,000 people: “This is going to be Council’s moonshot.”

All revealing anecdotes — and all first told by members during the first three episodes of City Council’s new podcast series, “Inside PHL Council.”

Inside PHL Council, conceived by Council President Darrell L. Clarke (5th District) and created by Council’s communications staff, is a weekly podcast highlighting the work of a Councilmember and exploring their background and experiences.

“I believe that starting our own podcast will enable us to tell our story and communicate more directly with our constituents on everything we’re doing,” said Council President Clarke.

There are various links where listeners can download Inside PHL Council:

The first three episodes feature interviews with:

  • Council President Clarke, speaking about his work creating more affordable housing and inclusive economic development opportunities for more Philadelphians;
  • Councilmember Maria Quinones Sanchez (7th District), talking about her work with Council’s Special Committee on Poverty and creating a Bill of Rights for domestic workers;
  • Councilmember Curtis Jones Jr. (4th District), discussing his support for minority business entrepreneurship, common-sense gun violence prevention laws, and criminal justice reform.

In addition to the podcast, Council President Clarke’s office unveiled a new digital news report that Council began publishing online last month.

The Weekly Report from City Council is published every Friday morning on Council’s website at The Weekly Report recaps major legislation and initiatives undertaken by Councilmembers each week.

Every edition contains links to featured legislation and video clips from Council’s hearings and meetings to make them more readily available to citizens.

In the first few weeks back in Council, the Weekly Report has highlighted:

“People consume information today in many different ways,” Council President Clarke said. “Some listen to podcasts on their mobile devices, some read news online, others watch TV. We think it’s important to develop new communications strategies to reach our constituents where they consume news. We’re proud of Council’s work and want citizens to hear about it directly from their Councilmembers.”

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