Map graphic of Philly First Settlement Grants Progress Report

Map of Philly First Settlement Grants Progress Report Long Description

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A map of Philadelphia divided into council districts, depicting the percentages of homes that have been purchased under this program in each district. They are as follows:

First District: 3%
Second District: 6%
Third District: 4%
Fourth District: 12%
Fifth District: 2%
Sixth District: 17%
Seventh District: 19%
Eighth District: 10%
Ninth District: 22%
Tenth District: 5%

Next to the map are two sets of tables. The first is called “Geographic Distribution by Council District. Launch to Date.” It shows:

First District: 15
Second District: 35
Third District: 23
Fourth District: 64
Fifth District: 9
Sixth District: 91
Seventh District: 102
Eighth District: 57
Ninth District: 121
Tenth District: 28

Grand Total: 545

The second table is titled “Additional Facts.” It reads:

Grants awarded & purchases completed: 545
Total amount of grants awarded and completed: $4,716, 696
Total purchase price of grants awarded and completed: $87,467,981
Average grant: $8,654
Average purchase price of homes: $160,492
City real estate transfer taxes collected: $2,867,200


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