Councilmember Cindy Bass speaks at the launch of launch the 8th District Community Leadership Caucus Camera Program.


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Councilwoman Cindy Bass stood with community stakeholders, representatives from City departments, Community Leadership Caucus members, and 8th District residents to launch the 8th District Community Leadership Caucus Camera Program. The innovate public-private partnership will install home security camera systems on the houses of eligible 8th District residents at no cost to them to help combat crime and dumping.

“In neighborhoods like Nicetown, where we are today, some of the most chronic quality of life issues constituents face include trash and dumping, violent and nonviolent crime, nuisance and blighted properties, and illegal construction,” Councilwoman Cindy Bass said. “I am ecstatic to announce that through the 8th District Community Leadership Caucus Camera Program, we are working to help eradicate those issues once and for all.”

Bass was joined by Streets Commissioner Carlton Williams, Northwest Police Division Inspector DeShawn Beaufort and other members of the Philadelphia Police Department Northwest Division, Majeedah Rashid and Zakarriya Abdur-Rahman of Nicetown CDC, the Universal Muslim Business Association, and Zion Baptist Church for the announcement.

Councilwoman Bass launched the neighborhood security initiative through her 8th District Community Leadership Caucus. Started in 2016, the Caucus provides residents with the tools and resources they need to help improve quality of life in their neighborhoods. Several Caucuses hold monthly meetings facilitated by Bass’ office. After a six-month training period, the Caucuses become self-sustaining neighborhood groups equipped with information on how to properly report and follow-up on concerns, how to access materials for clean-ups and other community initiatives, and foster ongoing relationships with City of Philadelphia departments and services.

“This is a new day for Nicetown,” Councilwoman Bass, a North Philadelphia native, said. “Today, we will continue to make progress in solving our most chronic community concerns.”

Homeowners who are active participants in the Community Leadership Caucus or their local Police Department Advisory Commission are eligible for the program. Camera recipients must also enroll in the Philadelphia Police Department SafeCam program so that the security camera video may be streamed to the police department.

Representatives from Streets and the Northwest Police Division praised Councilwoman Bass for her initiative and expressed belief that the home security program will help support their departments’ work.

“Cameras like this make a difference,” Commissioner Williams said. “Now we can track down [people who dump] and make examples of them.”

“Most importantly, this will encourage community involvement,” Inspector Beaufort said.

Representatives from State Senator Sharif Street’s office and the Office of Representative Rosita Youngblood also attended the camera program launch.

Said Councilwoman Bass, “Many of these community members advocate tirelessly on behalf of their neighborhoods. They deserve nothing less than for their government to come alongside them and help them repair what needs to be fixed in order to see the best possible outcomes in their communities.”

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Councilwoman Cindy Bass represents the 8th Council District, which includes Germantown, Mt. Airy, Nicetown, Tioga, Chestnut Hill, portions of Logan, Olney, Feltonville and West Oak Lane. She is Chair of Council’s committees on Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs and Public Health and Human Services.
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