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“This is the latest shameful chapter in an endless saga of mismanagement and self-interest by the Parking Authority”

PHILADELPHIA — Today, Councilmember Helen Gym (At Large) released the following statement on the firing of Philadelphia Parking Authority Executive Director Scott Petri:

“Scott Petri has had a disastrous reign at the Philadelphia Parking Authority, rife with chaos, financial mismanagement, and a blatant disregard for meeting its most critical duty: to serve as a public trust. From failed development efforts to demanding a “refund” from public schoolkids, he consistently lowered the bar on public service. The decision by the Board to oust Petri from leadership validates the seriousness of our concerns and the need for structural reform of the Parking Authority, including independent oversight of its budget and a return to local control as a city agency.

“However, the issues at the Parking Authority go far beyond Scott Petri — and this is precisely the reason I am leading a City Council investigation into the PPA. We need answers on why funds for our school kids have been consistently diverted out of the On-Street Revenue division and secretly put toward questionable funds and development projects. We need answers on why the PPA dips into school funds like it’s a personal piggy bank and repeatedly puts school children last.

“This is the latest shameful chapter in an endless saga of mismanagement and self-interest by the Parking Authority. It’s why we need true, independent oversight of the PPA’s budgets by the City of Philadelphia, and why City Council’s investigation will try to get to the bottom of this mess. It is not only essential to win the funding rightfully owed to our schools and our city, but essential to restoring public integrity to our public institutions.”


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