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The ruling underscores the importance of Philadelphia’s nationally renowned alternatives to eviction and the local court order mandating their use

PHILADELPHIA—In response to the Supreme Court’s ruling to end the CDC eviction moratorium, City Councilmember Helen Gym (At-Large) issued the following statement calling on Congress to reinstate the moratorium, and underscoring the importance of Philadelphia’s nationally renowned eviction diversion program introduced by Councilmember Gym and mandated by a municipal court order:

“The Supreme Court’s decision is shameful. It risks the lives of our neighbors at a time when the Delta variant is spreading across the country and multiple studies have found that evictions increase the spread of COVID and death. This decision demonstrates the urgent need for Congress to act – not only to reinstate a federal eviction moratorium but to strengthen the protections that the CDC moratorium contained.

“I’m proud of the nationally renowned eviction diversion program and other alternatives to eviction that we created in Philadelphia, which have kept thousands of families housed and ensured their landlords got paid. Philadelphia’s municipal court order mandating the use of eviction diversion and rent assistance will remain intact. The Supreme Court’s ruling increases the urgency for the rest of the country to follow Philadelphia’s lead in building alternatives to eviction that keep communities safe and stable.”


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