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(Philadelphia) March 5, 2020 — In response to Mayor James F. Kenney’s budget address to City Council, Councilmember Katherine Gilmore Richardson (At Large) issued the following statement:

Mayor Kenney introduced a $5.2 billion spending plan that seeks to address Philadelphia’s most critical issues around poverty and education.

“I thank the Mayor for highlighting the need to decrease poverty, creating a safer and more just city, providing quality education for all, cleaner and safer streets, inclusive and resilient neighborhoods and creating a more diverse, efficient and effective Government.” said Gilmore Richardson.

“I am encouraged by the increased investments in public education, PHL PreK and a bold new investment in Community College of Philadelphia that I hope will benefit the students who need it most.”

I look forward to hearing more about the Mayor’s commitment to workforce development specifically additional investments in career and technical education and creating pathways to employment for our City’s young people and those who are under employed and unemployed.

The Mayor detailed in his address needed investments for the Philadelphia Police Department. Gilmore Richardson stated, “I look forward to learning more about how the city will supplement additional policing with enhanced anti violence programming and resources.”

As chair of the Committee on the Environment, I am elated by the additional investments in the office of sustainability that will expand the Greenworks program and increase the number of staff to address climate adaptation in the City.

Finally, thank you Mr. Mayor for reminding the Freshman Four while the days may be long, the years are short, and we have a finite period of time to make a difference on behalf of the people we serve.

We look forward to the marathon budget process where we can thoughtfully analyze and review the Mayor’s budget proposal and receive critical feedback from constituents regarding their concerns.

For additional information, please contact Katherine Gilmore Richardson at 215-686-0454.

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