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As a result of the FY2022 budget hearing process, City Councilman Brian O’Neill has negotiated that the owner-occupied duplex trash fee be eliminated after being increased to $250.00 during the pandemic. After a collaborative effort between Councilman O’Neill and the Kenney administration, rather than be reduced to the prior amount, the fee will be eliminated altogether.

“The City should not penalize owner-occupied duplex owners when they do not charge residential single-family rental property owners”, O’Neill said. “Owner-occupied duplexes offer people an affordable option that promotes pride in home ownership in the Far Northeast and throughout Philadelphia”.

If you are a duplex owner-occupant and have any questions regarding this matter or for more information, please call Councilman O’Neill’s office.

Councilman O’Neill has four Neighborhood Offices in the Northeast to serve you. If you have any questions about the program or need assistance, please feel free to call or visit: Bustleton & Bowler above the 7th Police District (215-685-0432); FOP Lodge #5 Headquarters at 11630 Caroline Road (215-437-9167); Rhawnhurst at 7522 Castor Avenue (215-685-0438); Fox Chase at 432 Rhawn Street (215-685-6431); or City Hall (215-686-3422).

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