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Councilman Brian O’Neill has appealed the Philadelphia Department of Licenses & Inspections decision to issue a permit to WoodSpring Suites at 4000 Woodhaven Road, next to the Knights Road Shopping Center.

After being met with fierce opposition from neighbors at the Millbrook Civic Association meeting, hotel applicants scaled back their plans to avoid having to obtain a zoning variance; which would require a Zoning Board hearing. As a result, they obtained an L&I permit over the counter without the community knowing anything about their current plans.

Councilman O’Neill is appealing the permit on the grounds that the application should have triggered the City’s CDR (Civic Design Review) process, which would require meetings on the plan and input from neighbors.

For more information about this issue or upcoming meetings related to this case, please call or visit Councilman O’Neill’s office at the FOP Lodge #5 Headquarters at 11630 Caroline Road (215-437-9167).

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Councilman Brian O’Neill serves Philadelphia’s 10th Council District and as Minority Leader. More information at and


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