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PHILADELPHIA – Councilman Brian O’Neill announces Low-Income Senior Citizen Tax Freeze now retroactive to 2018.

If you meet the age, income, and residency qualifications in any year from 2018 to 2023, your application will apply for the first year you were eligible. Use the current application and instructions to apply.

You will need to provide proof of income for the first year you are eligible. If you have a Real Estate Tax balance from a prior year, it will be adjusted to reflect the new frozen tax amount. The income limits are $33,500 or less for a single person and $41,500 or less for a married couple; the same income limits as the State of PA’s PACE Prescription Assistance Program.

Eligible applicants can pay current and future tax bills based on their property assessment for the first year in which they would have been eligible. Applicants are not eligible for a refund for Real Estate Taxes paid in prior years, but can now pay what they would have otherwise paid in taxes when they first became eligible.  If you have any questions about the changes to this program or for help with any other matter, please call or visit one of Councilman O’Neill’s five full-time offices:

Bustleton & Bowler above the 7th Police District (215-685-0432)

FOP Lodge #5 Headquarters 11630 Caroline Road (215-437-9167)

Rhawnhurst Office 7522 Castor Avenue (215-685-0438)

Fox Chase Office 432 Rhawn Street (215-685-6431)

City Hall Room 562 (215-686-3422)

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