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PHILADELPHIA — October 27, 2018 — Councilman Kenyatta Johnson (2nd District), Chairman of the Special Committee on Gun Violence Prevention, issued the following statement tonight in response to the mass shooting in a synagogue in Pittsburgh that killed 11 people:

“I am truly disturbed by another mass shooting with a powerful automatic weapon today, and in a sacred place of worship at that. Everyone should have the right to practice their faith in a safe environment without fear of being gunned down over their differences and religion. It is written into the Constitution that the United States was founded on.

We have fallen far as a country when school shootings and horrific murders in places of worship are normal text notifications to receive on any given day.

We are failing all the victims of gun violence as a country every day that we fail to put stronger gun control laws in place to keep powerful, destructive weapons out of the hands of people who wish to terrorize our citizens. My heart is broken with all the loved ones of those we lost in Pittsburgh today; I will continue to do everything in my power as an elected official to change the environment that allowed this to happen and prevent gun violence in the future.”

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Photo: The Office of Governor Tom Wolf.

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