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Philadelphia, PACouncilman Bobby Henon (6th District) with co-sponsor Councilman Derek Green (At Large) introduced two bills during the last Council session that will modernize procurement practices and make it easier for businesses to apply for City contracts. The legislation will create a vendor registry and require that RFPs remain online after being awarded.

“The procurement process has long been a complicated and frustrating process for businesses that want to apply to City contracts. This package of legislation will help streamline the process and increase the number of bidders on each contract, thereby stimulating competition,” said Councilman Henon. “I’m looking forward to working with my colleagues on Council, the business community and the Chief Administrative Officer and Procurement Department on this important legislation.”

The vendor registry aims to reduce forms and administrative overhead by allowing for a single certification for Local Business Entity, Minority, Women and Disabled-owned (M/W/DBE), and  Tax Clearance. Under the current system, an individual certification is required for each clearance. Vendors will be able to use this simplified, single certification for applications across City Departments. Additionally, the vendor registry will provide businesses with a user-friendly point of entry.

The legislation also seeks to improve transparency be requiring the City to leave posted RFPs online for five years after a vendor has been identified. This process will allow new vendors to review previous RFPs and winning bids to strengthen their applications in the future. “Considering the high level of poverty in Philadelphia, we as a City must make it easier for local and disadvantaged companies to procure business from the City,” said Councilman Green. “As a former small business lender and entrepreneur, I have witnessed the challenges that these companies face when trying to do business with the City. This legislation will help to address this problem.”

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Councilman Bobby Henon currently serves as the Majority Leader of Philadelphia City Council. He represents the 6th District.  More information at

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