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Effort to help small businesses repair damages, bring communities together

PHILADELPHIA – In an effort to help small businesses recover from recent damages and losses and bring their communities together during a time of civil unrest, City Councilmember Allan Domb (At Large) joined with the West Philadelphia Corridor Collaborative (WPCC), The Barristers’ Association of Philadelphia, Inc. (Barristers) and other community leaders and officials to launch the PHL Emergency Business Insurance Support Initiative.

The collaborative program utilizes community resources to connect small businesses recently impacted with insurance professionals and lawyer-volunteers recruited by Barristers to help owners review insurance policies, assist with filing claims, and review claims already submitted to ensure accuracy. The volunteers will meet with the small business owners through virtual platforms to assist with their needs.

“Now it’s time to rebuild,” said Jabari Jones, President of WPCC. “We are very appreciative of Councilmember Allan Domb, the Barristers Association and the other partners for their help in the first step of rebuilding.”

“In order for our city to heal and recover during this difficult time, we must do everything we can to help businesses and communities get back on their feet,” said Councilmember Domb. “It is incumbent among city government, business leaders and community organizations to work together and provide the necessary support to build a path forward. We can all play a small role to make a very big impact.”

The initiative launched with a focus in West Philadelphia through the coordination of the West Philadelphia Corridor Collaborative and collaboratively working with Barristers. The Office of Councilmember Jamie Gauthier and The Enterprise Center provided additional support to launch the program.

Small businesses can contact a staff member at Councilmember Domb’s Office at 610-304-8529 to schedule a virtual meeting with an attorney volunteer. WPCC and other community leaders have been distributing hundreds of flyers throughout the community to connect with small businesses in need.

“As Black lawyers of conscience, we are proud to pitch in and support Black businesses and community leaders as they bravely pick up the figurative and literal pieces of their lives and livelihoods,” said Barristers President David C. Williams.

For businesses that do not have access to technology, the Enterprise Center in West Philadelphia is providing support to connect with attorney volunteers to conduct the virtual meetings. The virtual meetings can be coordinated to accommodate schedules as necessary.

The PHL Emergency Business Insurance Support is available to all small businesses across the city needing assistance to review and file claims. The initiative is working with all district councilmembers to identify additional community partners to help expand the outreach to other impacted business corridors.

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