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Philadelphia, Dec. 28, 2015 – City Council President Darrell L. Clarke on Monday issued the following statement on Mayor-elect Jim Kenney’s announcement that Anne Fadullon will be named Philadelphia’s first-ever Director of Planning and Development:

Dept of Planning Org Chart as Amended FINAL-page-001

“The respect Anne has accrued among her peers in the private and public sectors is the result of hard work, bright ideas, and old-fashioned pragmatism. She is one of the sharpest development professionals I know of in this City, and I could not be more pleased that Mayor-elect Kenney has appointed her the first-ever director of the Department of Planning and Development.

“Back in 2014, I proposed to reorganize the City’s disparate planning and development functions based on consensus among professionals like Anne that a more streamlined, coordinated and elevated approach was critical to the long-term economic growth and prosperity of our city. Every Philadelphian whose quality of life has been affected by construction has been touched by planning decisions. Every developer who has lost time and money waiting for City Hall’s permission to continue working has been affected by the bureaucracy governing such decisions.

“Having worked with Anne in various capacities for years, I know her to have the right experience and temperament to lead this newly reorganized department under a new Administration. This is an awesome responsibility, and I can’t think of anyone more well equipped than Anne to take on this challenge.”

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