Council Committee on Licenses and Inspections Votes in Favor of Regulating Outdoor Clothing Donation Bins

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PHILADELPHIA–Today, Councilwoman Bass (8th District) and members of the Committee on Licenses and Inspections unanimously approved legislation to regulate outdoor clothing donation bins (Bill no. 150079). “These bins are popping up everywhere-seemingly overnight- in all of the communities throughout my district,” said Councilwoman Bass, who sponsored the bill and is Vice-Chair of the committee. “They often attract litter and debris and become an eyesore on blocks that we are working to clean up.” This bill places restrictions on where bins can be placed and requires the owners of drop off bins to have written approval from the property owner.

This legislation will also:

  • Require that no more than two bins are placed on one property;
  • Prevent bins from being placed within 500 feet of residences;
  • Enact a fine of no less than $150 for bins not in compliance;
  • Require bin owners to add their contact information on every receptacle.

“It seems that no one is accountable for the drop off containers, and it is past time for them to be regulated. I recognize that clothing drop off bins help keep textiles out of landfills, which is important to achieving our environmental goals. But, we must strike a balance between the mission of organizations and the quality of life of our residents.”

Bill No. 150079 will now go to a full vote in Council.

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