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Philadelphia, Nov. 15, 2018 – City Council on Thursday authorized annual hearings in which the Philadelphia Board of Education and Mayor would be compelled to come before the 17-member legislative body.

A resolution introduced on behalf of all members of Council calls for the Committee of the Whole to convene at least twice a year to review the administration, management, operations, and finances of the School District of Philadelphia.

“Reclaiming the right of local oversight of our School District, the largest in the Commonwealth, was both a hard-fought victory and the beginning of what might be the most awesome challenge we as a City have faced,” Council President Darrell L. Clarke (5th District) said. “The public is owed an opportunity to regularly grade the School Board, the Administration, and City Council, and hold us accountable when warranted. But let’s be clear: This Administration, Council, School District, and Board of Education are laser-focused on improving the health, safety, and education of our young people. We enter this next chapter in Philadelphia public education with shared commitment and purpose, and look forward to a productive working relationship on behalf of our youth.”

Education Committee Chair Jannie L. Blackwell (3rd District) added: “The citizens of Philadelphia demanded local control of our schools, and it is appropriate that they remain engaged and active partners as we move the School District of Philadelphia forward. This is about shared responsibility, shared accountability, and shared advocacy. As we continue to fight for the resources and support all public schools need from the Commonwealth to be successful, let us do it with one voice, on behalf of Pennsylvania’s children.”

The first scheduled School District of Philadelphia and Board of Education hearing will be held on Tuesday, November 27th, at 10:00 a.m. Members of the public wishing to testify may contact the Chief Clerk of Council at 215-686-3410 or 215-686-3411.

Read the resolution:
111518 BOE Resolution Public Meeting and Hearing

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