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This is an opportunity to build a more equitable system for those most in need, while bringing a new generation of riders into the system

“I welcome SEPTA’s efforts to holistically restructure its fares and applaud their work to closely examine the impact on those Philadelphians who are most dependent on public transit. The elimination of the first transfer fee is an important first step in responding to calls from community members to make fares more equitable in the poorest large city in the country. Not only does it reduce cost, it will allow for faster and more efficient travel for riders. I will be taking a close look at how such proposed changes will impact the communities who need SEPTA the most.

While I appreciate the effort to reduce child fares, I believe we need to eliminate child fares for youth 11 and under who are accompanied by an adult on public transit. I will be in discussion with my colleagues, the administration and SEPTA about what it will take to make that a reality. I also hope to see student transpasses with fully expanded hours so young people can better access important afterschool, sport, work and enrichment opportunities.

I look forward to working with the new coalition, Transit Forward Philadelphia, to help SEPTA find creative and sustainable ways to bring new riders onto our public transit system by elevating the voices of residents who depend on the system, and young people who have the potential to become lifelong riders.


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