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Clarke Also Proposes Philly Youth Apprenticeship Requirement for KOZ Applications

Philadelphia, Oct. 25, 2018 – City Council President Darrell L. Clarke (5th District) and Councilman Kenyatta Johnson (2nd District) on Thursday introduced a bill that would help more low-income senior citizens qualify for property tax relief.

If adopted by City Council and signed into law by the Mayor, the bill will increase the maximum income requirements for property owners eligible for the low-income senior citizens property tax freeze program, which helps elderly homeowners to retire in place.

Currently, seniors with incomes of up to $23,500 or senior couples with incomes of up to $31,500 qualify to have their property taxes frozen or reduced. If the bill introduced on Thursday becomes law, the senior freeze income caps will rise to $27,500 for singles and $35,500 for couples beginning in tax year 2019.

“Low-income senior citizens deserve the certainty of knowing what their property tax obligation will be every year, and they certainly don’t deserve higher bills just because the value of their home increases over time. I am pleased to work with Councilman Johnson on this bill – few care more about the quality of life for Philly seniors than he does,” Council President Clarke said.

“Adjusting income qualification caps for tax relief programs to help our seniors keep pace with the rising cost of living is simply the right thing to do,” Councilmember Johnson said. “Expanding the senior property tax freeze program also will help older residents to age in place, helping them preserve what might be the most valuable asset they own, which they may then sell or pass down to family as they wish. I’m always proud to assist our senior citizens, and I look forward to guiding this bill to final passage.”

Also on Thursday, Council President Clarke put forth a bill requiring Keystone Opportunity Zone applicants to craft plans for apprenticeship or other work opportunities for School District of Philadelphia Career and Technical Education (CTE) program students.

Read the bills:
102518 CPC Senior Citizen Tax Freeze

102518 CPC KOZ Opportunity Plan


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