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Philadelphia, Dec. 10, 2015City Council President Darrell L. Clarke (5th District) on Thursday called for the authorization of a Special Committee on Criminal Justice Reform to convene stakeholders to examine the impact of current city, state and federal policies. After conducting public hearings, the Special Committee will make formal recommendations for reforms that will reduce incarceration and recidivism while ensuring the public’s safety

“As a city facing tremendous challenges and opportunities, Philadelphia must take a proactive role in the current national conversation about equitable applications of criminal justice. From misguided drug laws to crime prevention tactics tainted by prejudice, our criminal justice system has an impact on every resident and institution in Philadelphia,” Council President Clarke said. “Systems — no matter how old, inscrutable or unwieldy — are ultimately made of people. Having helped many former offenders become productive citizens, I know people can change for the better. Systems can, too. I look forward to working with a broad array of stakeholders to make Philadelphia safer, stronger, and forgiving of those who learn from their mistakes.”

The resolution authorizing creation of the Special Committee was introduced by Public Safety Committee Chair Curtis Jones, Jr. (4th District), on the Council President’s behalf. Members of the Special Committee will be appointed following the reorganization of City Council on January 4th, 2016.

The resolution can be found at here.

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