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Councilmember David Oh – Legislation

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*Legislation Introduced
**Legislation Passed  


*Bill No. 190616 – Student Debt Tax Credit 

(Legislation to create a tax credit of up to $7,500 over five years to help recent graduates living in Philadelphia) 

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**Resolution No. 190077 – Fair Funding for Community College of Philadelphia 

(Legislation to hold hearings on City’s requirement to fund CCP)  

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*Bill No. 190212 – Transfer Ordinance to Fund Community College of Philadelphia (CCP)  

(Legislation to transfer $19 million from the General Fund to fund CCP as required by State Law) 

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**Resolution No. 130260 –National and Global Best Practices in Education  

(Legislation to hold hearings on educational best practices on a global basis to determine how they may be implemented to establish world class public education in Philadelphia) 

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*Bill No. 160021—Board of Education Reform in Preparation of Return to Local Control 

(Legislation to provide a new method and new qualifications for appointing and electing the members of the Board of Education and to establish new standards and policies based on global best practices)   

Link to Legislation:|Text|&Search=160021 


*Bill No. 161061—School Teachers Reimbursement Fund 

(Legislation to create a fund dedicated to raising money for Philadelphia School teachers so that they can get reimbursed for their out-of-pocket classroom expenses) 

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**Resolution No. 160109 – Red Light Cameras and Parking Meter Increase     

(Legislation to conduct hearings on revenues and costs associated with administering the Red Light Camera Enforcement Program and the parking meter rate increase that took effect in 2014 to determine how much money the School District received from these sources) 

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Resolution No. 160659 – PPA Audit 

(Legislation to request the City Controller to conduct a performance audit of the Philadelphia Parking Authority) 

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**Resolution 171072-A- Resolution calling on Mayor, General Assembly, Governor to Restore Local Control Over Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) 

(Legislation to advocate for local control of PPA in response to the audit findings by Pennsylvania State Auditor General DePasquale) 

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*Bill No. 160844—PPA Repeal 

(Legislation to return control of Philadelphia’s on-street parking functions and revenues to the City) 

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*Bill No. 190086 -Office of Property Assessment (OPA) Property Assessments 

(Legislation to fight inaccurate property assessments that lead to higher property taxes by rejecting inaccurate property assessments and taxes) 

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*Resolution No.180412/Bill No. 180398—Office of Property Assessment (OPA) Accountability Bill 

(Legislation to give Council the option to reject inaccurate property assessments that lead to higher property taxes) 

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**Bill No. 180430—Criminal and Defiant Trespassers 

(Legislation to protect homeowners from criminal and defiant trespassers) 

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*Resolution No. 180197/Bill No. 180180 – Affordable Housing  

(Legislation to provide $50 Million annually to fund affordable housing) 

Link to Legislation:|Text|&Search=180197|Text|&Search=housing+trust+fund  

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**Resolution No. 170127 – Technology and Public Safety 

(Legislation to hold hearings on drones and other cutting-edge technology being used in solving and preventing crimes) 

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**Bill No. 130185 – Fire Fighters’ Contract  

(Legislation to provide the undisputed $66 Million of the Fire Fighters’ Contract)   

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Councilman Oh has offered legislation to cut the City’s operating budget for the following Fiscal Years:  

2014 – $48 Million  

2015 – $74 Million 

2016 – $105 Million 

2017 – $103 Million 

2018 –  $60 Million 

2020 – $160 Million 

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**Resolution No. 180787 – Urging Compliance with State Law for Child Removals 

(Legislation to authorize hearings on creating objective guidelines and uniform reporting standards for personnel who are tasked with protecting children in Philadelphia from abuse while preventing the tragedy of unjustified family separations) 

Link to Legislation:|Text|&Search=Department+of+Human+Services+Creating+Objective+Guidelines 

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**Bill No. 130922—Protections and Accommodations for Breastfeeding Employees in the Workplace 

(Legislation to protect nursing mothers in the workplace) 

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*Bill No. 180140—Sexual Harassment Disclosures Protection 

(Legislation to help victims of sexual harassment in city work places)  

Link to Legislation:|Text|&Search=180140 

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**Bill No. 170726 – Economic Opportunity Plan Enforcement 

(Legislation to increase minority and women participation in City funded projects by strengthening the enforcement of City contracting law) 

Link to Bill:|Text|&Search=170726 

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*Bill No. 170928—Amendment to 11 PM Ordinance  

(Legislation to end discriminatory enforcement of the law against Chinese takeout restaurants)  

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**Resolution No. 120128 – Hearings on Global Competitiveness 

(Legislation to authorize hearings on how to fully take advantage of global opportunities and the creative/innovative economy to spur economic development in Philadelphia. Held joint hearings with City Council and the Pennsylvania State Senate on Global Competitiveness and issued a report which was adopted by Council: A Hearing Findings and Recommendations on Improving the Global Competitiveness of Philadelphia) 

Link to Bill:|Text|&Search=120128 

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*Bill No. 160022—International Trade and Investment Fund 

(Legislation to create an International Trade and Investment Authority to focus on creating business opportunities and jobs through promoting Philadelphia-based trade with other nations and encourage foreign investment in Philadelphia) 

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*Bill No. 170022—Family Sustaining Jobs for Workers Without Highly-Specialized Skills 

(Legislation to reward companies who are willing to locate or expand in Philadelphia by creating 1,000 new jobs that pay at least $45,000 per year with benefits) 

Link to Legislation:|Text|&Search=170022 

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**Resolution No. 180722- Lab Spaces for Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Companies 

(Legislation to hold hearings on the availability of lab spaces and incubation facilities in Philadelphia for startup biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies) 

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*Bill No. 160023—Wage Tax Cut  

(Legislation to cut wage and net profit taxes on Philadelphia residents by $100 million over 10 years)  

Link to Legislation:|Text|&Search=160023 

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*Bill No. 160024—Delinquent Tax Collection 

(Legislation to improve performance in collecting delinquent taxes owed to the City of Philadelphia) 

Link to Legislation:|Text|&Search=160024 

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**Resolution No. 180722- Lab Spaces for Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Companies 

(Legislation to hold hearings on the availability of lab spaces and incubation facilities in Philadelphia for startup biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies) 

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*Bill No. 160019—Legislative Budget Office 

(Legislation to create a legislative budget office so that Council can be independent of the Mayor in making decisions about which City programs and activities get funded) 

Link to Bill:|Text|&Search=160019 

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*Bill No. 160062—Pension Reform 

(Legislation to fix the City’s pension system by increasing the City’s annual contribution, adding independent experts and requiring website reporting to promote transparency)      

Link to Legislation:|Text|&Search=160062 

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**Bill No. 140653- Veterans Hiring Tax Credit 

(Legislation to provide tax credit of up to $15,000 for three years to employers hiring veterans)  

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**Resolution 140671 – Corporal Michael J. Crescenz Dept. of Veterans Affairs Medical Center 

(Legislation to support the renaming of Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center as “The Corporal Michael J. Crescenz Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center”) 

Link to Legislation:|Text|&Search=140671 


**Resolution No. 140070- 2014 Year of the Veteran 

(Legislation to declare 2014 as the Year of the Veteran in Philadelphia) 

Link to Legislation:|Text|&Search=140070 

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**Resolution No. 150716- Combating the Heroin Abuse Epidemic  

(Legislation to declare 2016 The Year to Combat the Heroine Abuse Epidemic in Philadelphia) 

Link to Legislation:|Text|&Search=150716 

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**Resolution 161084 – Findings and Recommendations on Combating Heroin and Opioid Dependence  

(Legislation to adopt the report authored by Councilman Oh: Addressing Philadelphia’s Heroin Epidemic: Findings and Recommendations) 

Link to Legislation:|Text|&Search=161084 


**Bill No. 180218—Electric Vehicle Parking Space Program Sunset 

(Legislation to free up Center City parking spaces reserved for electric vehicles only and to develop a more sustainable program) 

Link to Legislation|Text|&Search=180218 

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**Bill No. 170311 – Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations 

(Legislation to allow EV owners to install curbside EV charging stations) 

Link to Legislationfile://ccaddc2/Users/Lois%20Kang/Downloads/CertifiedCopy17031100.pdf 

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**Resolution No. 170533- Philadelphia Film Advisory Task Force 

(Legislation to grow the City’s creative economy through the film industry) 

Link to Legislation|Text|&Search=170533 

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**Resolution No. 170063 – Task Force on the Philadelphia Music Industry 

(Legislation to grow the City’s creative economy through the music industry) 

Link to Legislation|Text|&Search=170063 

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*Bill No. 160025—Local Performing Artists Requirement 

(Legislation to grow the City’s creative economy by linking local artists to large concerts receiving money from the City) 

Link to Legislation|Text|&Search=160025 

Link to News Article:  None 


*Bill No. 160026—Performing Artist Priority Parking Zones 

(Legislation to grow the City’s creative economy by making loading and unloading easier for musicians performing at local venues)     

Link to Legislation|Text|&Search=160026 

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**Resolution No. 180537- Resolution calling on Governor Wolf to Pardon Eric Riddick (NBC Nightly News) 

(Legislation to request Governor Wolf to Pardon Eric Riddick in consideration of the evidence establishing his innocence and urging the Pennsylvania General Assembly to amend the state’s Post Conviction Relief Act (PCRA). 

Link to Resolution:|Text|&Search=180537 

Link to NBC Nightly News: 

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**Resolution No. 170767 – Resolution calling on President Trump and Congress to allow Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipients to remain in USA permanently 

(Legislation to advocate for DACA recipients, also referred to as DREAMERs, who are individuals brought to the United States as minors and met several other conditions to defer deportation for a two-year period) 

Link to Resolution:|Text|&Search=170767 


**Resolution -180789 –  Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 

(Legislation that recognizes September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in Philadelphia to raise awareness and recognizes local organizations leading the fight against childhood cancer) 

Link to Bill:|Text|&Search=180789

Link to News Article 


**Resolution No. 190584 – Language Access and New Voting Machine  

(Legislation to help many foreign-born populations in Philadelphia who require language access services in polling places) 

Link to Legislation:|Text|&Search=190584 


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