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Our Mission

City Council’s Veterans Advisory Commission (VAC) was established to proactively serve the veterans of our city by connecting them to the benefits and services they rightfully deserve. We strive to locate and refer veterans to the appropriate government or social service agencies to provide them with the counseling or services they require. We maintain continuous contact with veterans’ organizations, as well as governmental and other service providers, to assess the needs of our veterans and to serve as vocal advocates to see those needs are met.

For more information please call one of our benefits advisors at (215) 686-3256.

A Letter from the Director

The City of Philadelphia plays such an integral role in America’s history, not only as the birthplace of our nation, but also as the birthplace to the United States Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. Proud of its history and military tradition, Philadelphia established the City Council’s Veterans Advisory Commission in 1957 to further support those who have served this country.

The Veterans Advisory Commission was designed to connect Veterans, transitioning service members, and their families with the specific information, organizations, and resources to support their return home from service. As the Veteran community’s needs evolve and change over time, our dedicated team will work diligently to ensure each Veteran receives the benefits they so rightly deserve.

I want to thank all military service members — past and present, peacetime and in conflict — and to their families for their service and sacrifices. Although our time in uniform may be over, our commitment to service has no expiration and we will always continue to serve our fellow brothers and sisters-in-arms. Most importantly, let us never forget those who paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives defending our nation and our freedoms. Because of these brave men and women, we are forever grateful.

As the representative for all things Veterans at Philadelphia City Council, and an Army Veteran, I look forward to meeting you.


Carlo L. Aragoncillo
Director, Veterans Advisory Commission

Letter from Council President Darrell L. Clarke

From the earliest days of this great nation, military personnel from Philadelphia have fought and bled to defend the freedoms that we all enjoy. And in our role as the birthplace of the nation, Philadelphia City Council’s Veterans Advisory Commission seeks to set a high standard for continued support for those who have served this country with honor.

The purpose of this site is to aid veterans and their families in gaining access to the resources available to them, with the aid of the Commission’s dedicated staff.

We recognize that as our returning veterans come home and our older veterans transition to other stages of life, their needs evolve and change. Our goal then, is to not waver in our service to them in guiding them through their life changes, helping them to utilize the health, financial and educational support they have earned.

On a personal note, I would like to thank all active-duty military, veterans, and their families for the service and sacrifice they have made to this country and its citizens. Whether you served in peacetime or in conflict, at home or abroad, your commitment makes life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness possible for all Philadelphians and all Americans.  For that we are forever grateful to you.


Darrell L. Clarke, 5th District
President, Philadelphia City Council

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